Marina Hands and Julien Doré, an unforgettable romance

Marina Hands and Julien Doré, an unforgettable romance

LILLE, FRANCE - MARCH 21: Marina Hands attends the photocall for

“He was my great love”: Marina Hands and Julien Doré, an unforgettable romance (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

This Thursday, September 1, 2022, France 3 presents “Hors Saison”, its new series featuring Marina Hands, who plays a Swiss police captain launched into a major investigation. The actress, very popular with viewers, remains discreet about her private life. But she keeps fond memories of her love affair with Julien Doré.

Julien Doré has found love again and recently became a dad. The singer, revealed by “La Nouvelle Star” and now on the jury of “The Voice Kids”, is a happy man. But also a man who does not forget his past love. 12 years ago, in 2010 and just after his breakup with Louise Bourgoin, he began a beautiful love story with Marina Hands, heaping praise on the talented actress.

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A meeting on the film sets

In 2010, it was on the set of the film “Together, we are going to live a very, very great love story…” that the singer met the actress. On the screen, they embody a fusional couple, and very quickly, the feelings will go beyond the framework of their characters. This story, the singer had told it during his appearance on the show “La parenthèse unexpected”, with all the lyricism that characterizes him. “I meet a woman who has crossed my life who is Marina Hands and we fall in love on the set. This meeting is incredible and marked my life in an extraordinary way. It is something that I will always keep.”

For nearly three years, the couple never left each other, and despite their breakup, they both keep very vivid memories of the times shared together. “This love has changed the man and the artist in me and it will always live in both of us”, confided Julien Doré in the columns of ELLE. However, he does not hide that their separation was difficult to live with. “When a very beautiful love story dies, it stays with you for a very long time. It takes time to get over it. I don’t know if I will love someone else as much.”

Tenderness despite the separation

A feeling shared by Marina Hands, who for her part had mentioned their breakup in the columns of Paris Match, saying: “Julien was my great love. The pain of a breakup is valid for both, no matter who left. .” Proof that despite the breakup, they have retained very strong feelings for each other, and that they do not deny their love story.

Since then, Julien Doré has found love in the arms of an unknown woman, whom he does not intend to present to the general public right away, and with whom he had a child, he who had always dreamed of starting a family. For her part, the actress remains discreet about her private life. In 2020, in the columns of Femina, however, she evoked the strength of feelings as a source of inspiration: “Talking about love is all I aspire to at the moment. Love passion, tenderness , support, the one who destroys or who brings life, all that interests me!”

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