Marilou Berry and her companion Alexis, anxious parents for Andy: “We try to support each other…”

Marilou Berry and her companion Alexis, anxious parents for Andy: “We try to support each other…”

Definitely, nothing stops him! Hit program headliner I promise you since the year 2021, Marilou Berry is preparing to introduce a new character exclusive to viewers. On September 7, 2022, she will indeed be the heroine of Mariannea detective series broadcast on France 2 for which she had to undergo a hell of a makeover. Small and large screens, the 39-year-old actress is on all fronts. Which is not always easy with a toddler at home.

It’s a lot of anxiety on top of the good times

In a relationship with Alexis, Marilou Berry welcomed a little Andy during the year 2018. “It completely turned my life upside down, for better and for worse.she explains in the pages of the magazine Gala. In fact, it’s a lot of anxiety in addition to the good times we spend together. As a parent, I am always afraid. I ask myself: ‘Will he love me?’, ‘Will he be able to fulfill himself?’ ‘Will he be happy?’. But it is an incredible adventure. He is an energetic, very assertive little boy with a strong character. Rather tiring, but fun. I am very well in my life.

The actress will soon have a little more free time to work, but also to find herself. The month of September does not mark only the beginning of the adventure Marianne for Marilou Berry… it’s also her son’s return to school! “I can’t wait for him to meet his new friends and his new mistressshe assures. He is in kindergarten. It is the beginning of social relations, the first sorrows and the first disputes. I hope he will enjoy it more than me. Because I hated school.”

When it comes to taking care of the little boy, Marilou can of course count on her famous mother, grandma Josiane Balasko, and on the unfailing support of her partner, the street artist nicknamed Le Diamantaire. “Like any working woman, I don’t have enough time. We’re still running regret the actress. But in our home everything is going well. A dad and a mom, it’s a duo. In any case, we try to support each other.

Find the full interview of Marilou Berry in the magazine Galan°1525, of September 1, 2022.

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