Marianne James reveals she had an abortion

Marianne James reveals she had an abortion

Marianne James has more than one string to her bow. Singer, actress, musician, presenter… she has lent herself to many exercises throughout her career. The only role she has never taken on is that of mother. And it’s not for lack of having had the opportunity. In an interview given to Here is and published this Friday, September 2, 2022, the juror of France has an unbelievable talent has in fact confided that he made the choice to terminate a pregnancyshe who never wanted to have children.

A confidence made while the subjects on the laws prohibiting abortion or strongly restricting its access to the United States were mentioned. A subject that ulcerates Marianne James. “It’s a religious throwbackand I say that while I am a believer. Never again on earth should civil societies be led by religious. They accept that 7-year-old kids are massacred by a fragile overarmed teenager, but they condemn abortion…“, she lamented. And to share: “I had an abortion. I have faith, and yet I assume it“.

I didn’t want to reproduce

This is not the first time that Marianne James has mentioned the fact that she does not want to become a mother. Already for Entertainment TV in 2019, she explained: “When I was 17-18, I knew I didn’t want to have children.. Back then, less today, what mattered to me most, it’s my freedom. I’m self-centered enough to be the only format, I didn’t want to reproduce. My sacrosanct freedom would have been seriously curtailed if I had had children.

If she did not have children, the 60-year-old artist still often has the opportunity to take care of children. “I am godmother seven times. MThe godchildren are between two and thirty-three years old. For twenty years, I have known all the school zones in France!“, she reported in 2021. On the love side, Marianne James is just as free. In the pages of the magazine Between us last March, we learned that she was single, for lack of time for a serious relationship. “I’m with them as long as they last and then I tell them we’re still friends. So I have lots of friends around me“, she confided.

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