Maeva Ghennam still in a relationship? Her relationship status has changed

Maeva Ghennam still in a relationship? Her relationship status has changed

By vanessa

– Published on August 31, 2022 at 15:09

Maeva Ghennam is quite discreet about her love life. But today is she in a relationship? The answer in this article.

The love life of Maeva Ghennam punctuate very regularly the episodes of the Marseillais. It must be said that since their meeting in the season which took place in Asia, Maeva and Greg show all the colors to their comrades. Suddenly they love each other and suddenly they hate each other! Between them, it’s very often electric and that, even after filming…. Everyone blames each other and the two W9 candidates are unable to move forward. Today, they are no longer a couple. But at the wedding of Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika, they showed themselves to be very close.

A complicity between the two exes which quickly made Internet users react. They quickly suspected Greg and Maeva Ghennam to be a couple again. But on social networks, the beautiful brunette made it known that Bebew was her friend and nothing more. She will always have feelings for him, but they are not meant to be together. So internet users wanted to know more about the love situation of Maeva Ghennam. And they took advantage of a Q&A session hosted by blogger Vaarruecos to find out more. The proof with the screen which is just above.

“Maeva is single”

“Maeva is single. She is neither with Greg nor even Boli. She hasn’t been with Boli for a while. So at the moment, yes, she is single”wrote the blogger on the social network. It is therefore as a heart to take that Maeva Ghennam will appear in the casting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 7. An adventure whose filming should begin soon. If it usually takes place in June, things are changing this year… As there was filming for Les Fifty, the cross country should take place during the month of September!

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