Léna Guillou: footballer Adil Rami announces their separation and reveals the reason

Léna Guillou: footballer Adil Rami announces their separation and reveals the reason

It’s official: Adil Rami and Léna Guillou are no longer a couple! It was the footballer who announced the news on his social networks, while wishing the best to the one who is now his ex-girlfriend.

Their love story had surprised more than one. In February 2022, three years after separating from the sulphurous Pamela Anderson, Adil Rami formalized his relationship with reality TV star Léna Guillou. To do this, the 36-year-old French footballer had taken over his Tik Tok account, to publish a video where he tenderly kissed the nose of the former candidate of the Marseilles. In legend, the ex-member of the Blues had written the hashtags #couple and #true love for the less discerning. But for some time, the two lovebirds no longer seem to spin the perfect love.

The suspicions of Internet users were aroused when they noticed, a few days ago, that Adil Rami and Léna Guillou no longer followed each other on social networks. A gesture which, according to them, showed signs of tension within the couple. Instagram investigators were right since the footballer and reality TV star just made their separation officialthis Thursday, September 1.

Adil Rami explains his breakup with Léna Guillou

To share the sad news, Adil Rami posted a snapshot of his cap screwed on his head, with a few words in the caption about the one he will now call his ex. The former protege of Didier Deschamps notably explained the reasons for their separation.

“Hello friends… I wish him no harm, quite the contrary.… But I need to be fully in my goals and I especially need my energy to support my family. I won’t dwell on the subject… I really hope she finds her everyone. I know what I want and what I need… I know how to say stop and not forget my goals. Good continuation to Léna by wishing her what she deserves“, wrote Adil Rami, suggesting that he has maintained good relations with the beautiful brunette. For her part, the young woman has not yet spoken.

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