Laurent Ruquier will not make old bones at the “Big Heads”

Laurent Ruquier will not make old bones at the “Big Heads”

Pquestion of clinging to his post: invited Tuesday evening in Do not touch My TVLaurent Ruquier confided that he already had in mind the date of his departure from Big headsthe mythical RTL program. “I hope to celebrate 50 years of Big heads. And I want, at the 50th anniversary of Big heads, to hand over to someone. The show started in 1977, so it will be in 2027. I have five years left, ”he told Cyril Hanouna. “I am no longer very young, I will be 60 next year. Stop the Big heads At 65, that sounds good to me. If I go that far…Because others may have better ideas before you do, and maybe I won’t even go that far…”

An announcement that surprised more than one, as Ruquier seems comfortable in his role as band leader on the RTL antenna. Knowing that his predecessor Philippe Bouvard himself released the reins of the dean of the airwaves at over 80 years old, after 37 years of good and loyal service. A departure that he had a lot of trouble digesting at the time, not shy to strike a few sometimes well-felt pikes at his young successor…

A million followers

It’s been nine years since Ruquier remodeled the show without revolution, bringing new blood to the old team: mixing genres and personalities, humor, irony, schoolboy jokes and cultural questions, the miracle formula still continues to ensure excellent afternoon audiences on RTL, with nearly a million followers every day, just before the big news slot at 6 p.m. Finding a successor to Ruquier promises great cold sweats for radio executives: everyone certainly still remembers the industrial disaster of the year 2000, when management brutally dismissed Bouvard in favor of Christophe Dechavanne, leading to a massive drop in audiences and a massive stream of indignant letters from listeners, which forced the team at the time to call back the flagship host urgently to raise the bar…

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If Laurent Ruquier does not intend to play the extensions at the head of his happy circle, he specifies that he does not intend to leave the radio in the future. In the meantime, he has just found with pleasure Roselyne Bachelot, ready to challenge the “piss-vinegar” of all stripes, and announces the arrival of newcomers such as the jurist Rachel Khan, the musicologist Olivier Bellamy, as well as the comedian Booder to spice up the antenna. As for Jean Castex, he will not yet be part of the gang, despite the insistence of Bachelot who assures us that the ex-Prime Minister is a happy fellow. “But hey, I don’t find it particularly funny…” Ruquier decided on the set of Cyril Hanouna.

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