Lady Diana, libertine princess: her former lover James Hewitt breaks the silence

Lady Diana, libertine princess: her former lover James Hewitt breaks the silence

In a documentary broadcast by the German channel RTL on August 30, James Hewitt, Diana’s former lover, returned to their sulphurous affair. A deplorable intervention for the Windsors…

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales…and a troublesome ghost until the end of time? With the exception of Prince Harry, his youngest son, the royal family of England did not see fit to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of “the princess of hearts”, this August 31, 2022. Fixing on the future of the monarchy, weakened by the declining health of Elizabeth II. Haunting to awaken bad memories too, while Camilla, Diana’s rival, will reign alongside Charles and Meghan Markle continues to discredit “The Firm”. It is to say like the recent speech by James Hewitt, former lover of Lady Di, mistakenly fantasized as Harry’s real fatherin front of the cameras of the German channel RTL strongly annoyed the Windsor side.

As part of a documentary aired August 30the former cavalry officer, whose life took a miserable turn after his breakup with the Princess of Wales in 1991, rants with the degree of indiscretion of those who have nothing left to lose. Their meeting at a cocktail party in 1986, their flirtation pursued during riding lessons given to William and Harry, their hugs weekly in Kensington, in a cottage in Devon or in the car… The sixty-year-old reopens Pandora’s box without any precaution. Nor any complex.

“Nothing was secret, not even our telephone conversations”

Vigorous, but obviously not very smart, Hewitt assures that he was not “not at all aware” of Marital debacle of the spouses of Wales. Worse, the former officer declares, regarding the respective liaisons of Charles and Diana, that “all this was accepted in higher places”understand by Her Majesty herself. “Nothing was secret, not even our telephone conversations”he advances. Proof, “Diana once used my landline to call the Queen at Balmoral”he remembers. “It was dangerous, stupid and naive”acknowledges Hewitt. But he would have embarked on their affair as if it were a military mission: “Making a decision and sticking to it is something you learn in the military.”

The stress did not spare him. James Hewitt ended up having a stroke last year. He does not feed no regrets, no remorse however. Although forgotten in the arms of other lovers, he “love again” Diana, who “will continue to be an important part of (his) life.” He has this other message to the attention of Charles, William and Harry: “I sincerely hope they understood that I tried to make the princess happy during our 5 year affair. It meant a lot to me.” Height of audacity…

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