Kyss, an application project to warn its partners in the event of an STI

Kyss, an application project to warn its partners in the event of an STI

Warn your partners in the event of a Sexually Transmitted Infection: this is the objective of a telephone application that two specialists are seeking to implement.

Originally from Martinique, Olivia Son is an infectious disease doctor in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. With his colleague Franck Dumetz, researcher in parasitology, they want to create a public health tool using an anonymous QR Code system.

Called KYSS, for Know Your Status, this application would make it possible to be screened and thus avoid complications and transmissions of these Sexually Transmitted Infections.

“In practice, when two people meet. We scan each other or register each other on the other’s application”explains Olivia Son. “We do this with every partner we meet in situations where we know we won’t be able to contact them again. The moment one of the people realizes that they are positive for a sexually transmitted infection, they can go into the app and send a notification to all registered people”continues the infectiologist.

The application does not require personally identifiable data ensure its promoters.

“All STIs are concerned such as chlamydia, gonococci, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis and at the moment monkeypox which behaves like an STI even if it is not one”, says Olivia Son.

“There is a lack in certain situations where you cannot report and inform your partners“, justifies the doctor.

Crowdfunding is currently continuing on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform. The objective is to collect 40 thousand euros by October 5th.

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