Kendji Girac: this important decision taken for the education of his daughter

Kendji Girac: this important decision taken for the education of his daughter

Wednesday August 31, 2022, Kendji Girac confided in the subject of the education of his daughter, Eva Alba. The little girl should go to a private school. A decision initiated by his companion who fears the pangs of fame.

Thanks to my daughter, I get up early, so I work earlier.” Since the birth of her daughter, Eva Alba, in January 2022, Kendji Girac has been in heaven. For him, fatherhood has changed a lot of things. If some complain of seeing their nights cut short by their little piece of cabbage, the singer and coach in The voice is amused to see his daily life turned upside down by his daughter: “As I get up earlier, she pushed me to go to bed earlier. Because sleeping only three or four hours a night is not possible”, he related in the columns of colleagues from Tele-Leisure.

But this is not the only thing that has changed in the life of the singer. Originally from the Traveler community, he grew up in a nomadic lifestyle. A way of carrying out his daily life to which he is attached. He has always claimed not to aspire, like many, to the purchase of a big star house. For him, happiness lies in simpler elements, such as changing the scenery as he pleases. “It’s part of me. For example, in my life I never stayed there for five months. I’ve never tried before, I can’t…”, had he remembered with nostalgia, Wednesday, August 31, at the microphone of the show The original band on France inter.

An important decision

But from now on, Kendji Girac must resolve to settle down: “Well now, I’m going to have to do it because there’s going to be the little one’s school (…) I’m starting to grow up, I’m 26, you have to make choices”, he explained. Another big decision made by Kendji Girac and his companion in light of the birth of their daughter: her integration into a private school.

For the singer, it’s the only way to be able to protect her from the pangs of fame. “It will be good for my little girl, since she will be the daughter of a famous dad. I think it’s good to preserve it. Afterwards, my partner often tells me that, she’s the one who put this idea in my head, I admit, so we respect a little“, he said. May this decision bear fruit!

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