Kate and William broke that tradition with their children’s school

Kate and William broke that tradition with their children’s school

The Prince William and Kate Middleton have always been keen to uphold the protocol and traditions of the British Royal Family. Nevertheless, they made the choice to blow a wind of modernity on the monarchy by making original choices.

No pension for George, Louis and Charlotte

This return to school is special for the Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple made the choice to leave their official apartments in London to settle in the countryside. They now live in Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Estate. Officially, they would like to get closer to Queen Elizabeth II who now lives there. Unofficially, the couple would like to offer a calmer and “normal” living environment for their children than in Kensington.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge preferred to get away from the hustle and bustle of London to live a simpler life. They chose to enroll their children in the Lambbrook Schoola high standing private school known in particular for its boarding school. But unlike previous generations of the British royal family, Kate and William chose not to send their children to boarding school and keep them close to them.

In an interview for Palace Confidential, Daily Mail editor Richard Eden said the big difference from previous generations was that their three children are day pupils: “They go back and forth to the house of Windsor, they are not going to boarding school, unlike Prince William”. He added: “Just recently he talked about how it was, I wouldn’t say traumatic, but how difficult it can be at times.”

Another major change: for the first time their nanny will no longer live at their home, the cottage being too small.

Schooling in the British Royal Monarchy

The view of schooling has evolved within the British monarchy over generations. Queen Elizabeth II and previous generations studied with the help of a home tutor. But the sovereign chose to break with tradition by sending her own children to school. A first in the monarchy.

Prince Charles and Lady Di wanted to perpetuate this education with their own children. Princes Harry and William thus studied in private schools before joining the University of St Andrews.

Always with the aim of offering their children a life as normal as possible, Kate Middleton and Prince William have thus chosen to allow them to go to school and have classmates.


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