Julia Vignali announces good news!

Julia Vignali announces good news!

Journalist Johanna Ghiglia had been on maternity leave for several weeks. Replaced at short notice by Anne-Claire Poignard for the reminder of the titles at 6:30 a.m., 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., she gave birth to a baby boy.

“The Télématin team is growing with a shock and charming recruit

It was Thomas Sotto, his colleague in the morning, who announced it on September 1, after a very compelling subject on the trial of the Nice attacks, which opened very recently. Mayada Boulos’ companion said: “And then a hope all the same, and what a beautiful hope. The Télématin team is growing with a shock and charming recruit. Look, it’s that lady’s baby, Johanna Ghiglia! Ewen, a little boy who was born a few days ago who we welcome. And we obviously kiss the mom, the dad and the whole family”.

From her side of the set, Anne-Claire Poignard replied: “And we send all our best wishes to Johanna, her little boy and dad. We kiss them very hard and we tell them see you soon“. A climate conducive to a few jokes since Thomas Sotto then launched: “It seems that the beginnings are sporty!

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Fortunately, Julia Vignali, 47 years old and mother of a now grown-up boy, Luigi, offered to help the young mother. During the sequence, she explained that she would see herself as a part-time babysitter: “I offered to babysit her when she needed”. And her partner to call her to order: “No, you work you I remind you“.

“We’ll leave him alone, poor Ewen!

And Anne-Claire Poignard then suggested to her colleagues: “We’re gonna bring it to the set”. Opposite, Thomas Sotto, himself the father of “two little guys” preferred to temper: “Oh we’ll leave him alone poor Ewen! Bravo and congratulations to her in any case“, while waiting for the return to the antenna of his mother, Johanna Ghiglia.


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