Jean-Marie Bigard will die soon? His wife swings after the terrible announcement of his producer

Jean-Marie Bigard will die soon? His wife swings after the terrible announcement of his producer

Invited on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste! “, the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard affirmed that the comedian was dying… Revelations to which Lola Marois reacted via her Instagram story! The revelations were at the rendezvous last Tuesday, August 30 on the plateau de Touche not at my post ! And for good reason, Chrystel Camus was present for a reason. To say whether or not the comedian and Dieudonné were preparing a duo show… The latter did not fail to scoop balancer!

Unexpected revelations

The producer of Jean-Marie Bigard then received an invitation on the plateau de Touche not at my post. And this, in order to talk about a possible upcoming show. But she didn’t say that. Indeed, she also made shocking revelations about the comedian’s health. ” Jean-Marie was supposed to do this show but Laurent Ruquier offered him to come back to Les Grosses Têtes so he is very afraid that by doing this show, he can no longer have this contract with Laurent… “, she advanced while Laurent Ruquier was seated opposite her on the set of TPMP.

She then decided to add: You should know that Jean-Marie is very seriously ill, Dieudonné too and in fact they both wanted to get together because they know that this is their last show “, confided Chrystel Camus, producer of Jean-Marie Bigard…

These revelations obviously aroused the curiosity of Cyril Hanouna but also of the viewers present. Even the columnists around the table started asking questions. Chrystel Camus then confided: “ Jean-Marie Bigard has very high diabetes, he is 68 years old, I have been working with him for a long time […] There are even shows that have been canceled because he had strokes on stage… “. Sure of herself, the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard assured that the health problems of the comedian were not secrets. However, these revelations have provoked the reaction of a very close person by Jean-Marie Bigard.

The reaction of the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard

If Jean-Marie Bigard has still not reacted to the various revelations of his producer on the set of TPMP. So, his companion, for his part, let it be known his point of view on the Web ! Indeed, following the broadcast of the show, Lola Marois, used several emojis. Emojis died of laughter in his story on his Instagram account… This reaction, of course, implied that the words of the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard had no place on the set. And even that the remarks constituted lies.

The producer, who started these rumors, has yet to comment on what she may have said about TPMP. After the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard, a person well placed to know, denied his remarks. So viewers are asking for answers. It remains clear that the comedian’s fans have been worried ever since. And this, whether in relation to his health or the words of its producer.

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