“It’s really cardboard”: a YouTuber infiltrates Fort Boyard and reveals behind the scenes

“It’s really cardboard”: a YouTuber infiltrates Fort Boyard and reveals behind the scenes

Everyone knows “Fort Boyard”, the emblematic game of France 2. A YouTuber wanted to take up the challenge of breaking into the fort located in the open sea… without authorization. He succeeded and told the story of his adventure, as relayed by the French media South West.

“Today I infiltrated Fort Boyard”comments in his video Max Von Croft, YouTuber specializing in the discovery of often inaccessible urban spaces. The young man arrived in the middle of the night at the foot of the castle and had to climb 20 meters up the wall to access the interior of the fort. Once inside, he wanders around and films various places for long minutes, such as the tower of Père Fouras, the infirmary, etc.

But the YouTuber does not hide his disappointment: “I’m not going to show you too many proof sets, because you might be extremely disappointed, because it’s really cardboard, […] it’s just hollow, fake. There are technical installations and cables everywhere, it’s ultra cheum [moche, NDLR]but you can’t see it on TV at all”. “I felt betrayed, the famous stone platform, it doesn’t exist”he adds, speaking of the “boyar room” where the program systematically ends.

Note that the video was shot in September 2021. On this date, filming is over since it takes place from May to July.

Production strikes back

Following this story, the production company of the show ALP (Adventure Line Production) decided to file a complaint against the YouTuber. “He had a dangerous behavior, it was necessary to mark the occasion not to give ideas to others otherwise we will end up one day or another with a drama”explains ALP to BFMTV.

The production further adds that “nothing was damaged or stolen” and that this complaint is indeed intended to have a deterrent effect.

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