“It will follow me all my life”

“It will follow me all my life”

Princes William and Harry talk about the last moments of their mother, Princess Diana, as well as the last words exchanged with her before she died in a terrible car accident at the age of 36, on August 31, 1997.

25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana lost her life in a car accident in Paris, under the Alma bridge.

The documentary Diana, the seven days following her deathbroadcast on France 5 on September 5 returns to certain aspects of this drama. For the first time, Princes Harry and William evoke the last moments of their mother, Lady Diana, as well as the last words exchanged with her.

When the accident occurs, Prince Harry is 12 years old, Prince William is a 15-year-old teenager. After a summer in Saint-Tropez spent alongside their mother, they end their vacation in Balmoral, with their father, Prince Charles and their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry remains traumatized by his mother’s last phone call, which he had wanted to shorten: ” I wanted to play with my brother. It will follow me all my life to have been this 12 year old child who wanted to hang up to go play rather than talk with his mother. »

Prince Harry confides about the loss of his mother and the impact it had on his life: When this kind of thing happens to you at a very young age, it is etched in your heart and in your memory. It remains very present for a very long time. I spent years playing the ostrich. To repeat that I didn’t want to be Prince Harry, that I don’t want this responsibility, this…


VIDEO – Lady Diana’s Minute

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