INTERVIEW – “I had an abortion”: the poignant confidences of Marianne James

INTERVIEW – “I had an abortion”: the poignant confidences of Marianne James

Marianne James is a free and empowered woman. The 60-year-old singer is therefore much “ulcerated” by the right to abortion, which has been called into question for a few months across the Atlantic because she herself had an abortion, as she confided in the last issue of Here is.

Marianne James chased away her old demons. At 60, she is now soothed and fulfilled. A long way for the singer and former juror of New star who had a hard time accepting her weight and her curves, when she was younger. While she has now passed the milestone of this important age for a woman, the one who hid under the baby’s costume in this season 4 of Singer Mask feels good about himself. “I turned 60 in February, I had a big party. I had been saying that I had them for two years, to get used to it and to be told that I did not do them (Laughs). It’s an age where we hear less well, we see less well… but where we take more responsibility, she confided in the columns of Here. For example, I easily talk about my overweight because it does a lot of good to those who are concerned. Either way, big or not, it’s not easy to be a woman

Marianne James reveals she had an abortion

Marianne James knows it oh so well whenin the United States the right to abortion is questioned. A shock for her. “I am ulceratedshe said. It’s a religious throwbackand I say that while I am a believer. Never again on earth should civil societies be led by religious. They accept that 7-year-old kids are massacred by a fragile overarmed teenager, but they condemn abortion…

And this subject touches all the more the interpreter of Maria Ulrika Von Glott in the show The Ultima Recital that she has already had recourse to an abortion. “I had an abortionshe revealed. I have faith, and yet I assume it“. If she did not reveal the circumstances of this decision, Marianne James has never hidden that she has always drawn a line under motherhood. “When I was 17-18, I knew I didn’t want to have children., she explained to Tele-Leisurein 2019. Back then, less today, what mattered to me most, it’s my freedom. I’m self-centered enough to be the only format, I didn’t want to reproduce. My sacrosanct freedom would have been seriously amputated if I had had children”. So no regrets for her.

The full interview with Marianne James and much more to be found in the new issue of Here is on newsstands this Friday, September 2, 2022.

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