In Australia, another rainy summer has serious consequences for biodiversity –

In Australia, another rainy summer has serious consequences for biodiversity –

Once again, the Australian summer was marked by very heavy rainfall. This new wave of bad weather could cause the extinction of certain plant species, themselves crucial for the survival of many animals.

The Sydney Botanical Garden is probably the only one in the world where the arrival of rain is feared. It is indeed conducive, especially in periods of high heat, to the spread of a disease that ravages dozens of endemic tree species. The previous two summers, also very rainy, have already had a very heavy impact.

“These tree species have not flowered or produced seeds for several years now. So much so that we now have 16 tree species from tropical forests that are on the verge of extinction,” explains Brett. Summerell, scientific director of the Sydney Botanic Garden, Thursday in the 12:30 p.m.

Wildlife Threats

The disappearance of these trees could also threaten part of the Australian fauna. “If these tree species die, all the animals that depend on them will either have to find a new food source, if it exists, or find a new habitat. So this could have a big impact on the population of these animals,” says Brett Summerell.

Among the potential collateral victims of the disappearance of these trees are certain types of bats, many species of birds, but also koalas.

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