“I stay away from it”: this thing that made filming the series Aim for the heart difficult for Claire Keim

“I stay away from it”: this thing that made filming the series Aim for the heart difficult for Claire Keim

From this Thursday, September 1, Claire Keim is the heroine of the new TF1 series, Aim for the heart. The 47-year-old actress plays a police captain alongside Lannick Gautry. A role not always easy for her to assume during filming as she revealed to Télé 7 jours.

Embodying a character is not always a cakewalk. This Thursday, September 1, Claire Keim is the headliner of the new fiction of TF1 baptized Aim for the heart. The series in 6 episodes retraces over three decades the fate of Julia Scola’s charactera police captain, and his best enemy, Novak Lisica (Lannick Gautry), a criminal lawyer. They loved each other, but they haven’t spoken to each other for twenty years. They meet again when the lawyer leaves his prestigious firm to become commissioner and join the brigade of his ex, who hides many secrets. A role that caught the eye of the companion of Bixente Lizarazu. “I was intrigued by this woman and wanted to explore her insides. She is strong, apparently, but you must not shake her too much, otherwise everything will crumble. I liked this fragilityit must find an echo in meshe confided in the columns of Télé 7 Jours. I often have the impression that it is not me who goes towards these kind of roles, but those who come to me. The fact that I am offered to embody this type of profile pleases me. I like secrets. And this woman, who we guess hasn’t had an easy journey, is also very worthy. JI wanted her to bring me her righteousness. He’s a character that I admire“.

Claire Keim uncomfortable on the set of Aim for the heart

If Claire Keim was touched by her character, she did not immediately measure the extent of her role and the scenes it involved. In the shoes of a cop, the 47-year-old actress discovered a “youournage sometimes a little creepy“.

A detail which she had not thought of at all when agreeing to play in the fiction of the first channel. “Each episode is set against a criminal investigationso it’s not always funnyshe lamented. JI don’t like miscellaneous facts and stay away from them as much as possible. And if, in addition, it affects children, I flee!“Indeed, in this new series of TF1, the ex of Frédéric Diefenthal was not spared. The opportunity certainly for her to be a little more comfortable with criminal cases and other legal cases.

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