“I lost 130 kilos”: Marianne James speaks emotionally about her weight

“I lost 130 kilos”: Marianne James speaks emotionally about her weight

On Tuesday August 30, 2022, Marianne James was Faustine Bollaert’s guest on the famous show It starts attoday. The topic discussed was: Bodypositive: what if we loved each other! “The opportunity for the singer to deliver a moving testimony.

At 18, the former juror of Nouvelle Star did everything to stick to the physical standards imposed by society. On the set of France 2, she says: ” I starved myself to be like this “.

Marianne James went on diets before learning to love herself

His goal at the time: to look like his girlfriends “ who were 50 kilos for 1m60 “, she specifies. The comparison is anything but healthy because, from the top of her 80 meter, Marianne James weighed 70 kilos. She then sets out to lose 10.

It was a body that was so hard to obtain that it had become a fortress, sacred. It was hard. There have been diets to try to always stay within the norm and after a while they no longer worked. “, continues the one who followed her very first diet at the age of 14.

The click? A diet that has particularly experienced it: “ I went on a famous diet and got tired and sick “, she confided to Faustine Bollaert. It was then one too many, the last of a long series.

I was scared, very scared »

She recalls: It weakened me enormously, mentally too. And I was scared, very scared. To heal myself, I took a short break in my career. From there, I understood that this race was played: I would have spent my life losing to diets. So I stopped “.

As much total – all diets combined – Marianne James has lost a tremendous amount of weight. “ I am 130 kg. If I count all the diets I’ve done, I’ve lost 130 kilos “, she said.

It is with emotion that the singer entrusts it on the set of Faustine Bollaert: ” It’s a long job to love each other “. Fortunately, today, she has left all these difficulties behind her and has rediscovered this joie de vivre that characterizes her so much.

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Marianne James concludes with these inspiring words: “ I love my character, I really love myself. I get along well with myself. I love my hands and feet because they serve me a lot “.

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