Hurt by the words of her son Jayden, Britney Spears writes him a long letter

Hurt by the words of her son Jayden, Britney Spears writes him a long letter

While the interview given by Kevin Federline on television should be broadcast in the next few hours, Britney Spears published a long text on Instagram in which she responds to one of her sons, who also appears in the program.

The reaction of a hurt mother. Britney Spears posted a long text on Instagram on Thursday in which she responds to one of her sons, Jayden. Unlike his brother Preston, the latter has agreed to appear in an interview given by his father and ex-husband of the star, Kevin Federline, to the channel ITV News, which must be broadcast in the next few hours. He explains that he did not go to his wedding last June because the rest of his family – against whom Britney Spears has been at war since the lifting of her guardianship – was not invited. “It just didn’t feel like the right thing to do. I’m not saying I’m not happy for her. I really am, but she didn’t invite everyone and only go with Preston and me, I don’t think the situation would have ended well, ”he commented. He added that he had not seen his mother for several months but assured that he had no “hate against her”. “I think it can be arranged. It will take time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she is cured, then I will go to see her”.

In this same interview, Kevin Federline explained that his sons could not bear to see photos of their mother, naked on Instagram. He also last month released two videos filmed in secret, showing Britney Spears raising her voice at the boys and asking them for respect, in order, according to him, to prove that she is in no condition to see them. The images had ended up turning against him and the singer’s lawyer had threatened to sue him. “Britney Spears is a brilliant, talented, hard-working icon who is adored and respected by millions around the world. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Mr. Federline, who, for unexplained reasons, decided to attack her for free in an interview that hurts the mother of his children,” he wrote in a statement.

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“I tried my best to be the best person I could but I was held hostage in my home and I hope one day my sons will understand the reasoning behind me showing up today (nude , editor’s note) while I was covered and monitored throughout my guardianship, ”begins Britney Spears in her text. Recalling all the love she has for her son Jayden and assuring “that this love for (her) sons has no limits”, she shares her “great sadness to know (that she) did not respond to their expectations as a mother. “Maybe one day we can talk about it face to face,” she continues.

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“It’s horrible to see your father being such a hypocrite”

Not without anger tinged with irony, she then recalls having helped Kevin Federline – DJ in his spare time and father of six children with three different women – “while he has not had a job for 15 years”. Remember that Britney Spears pays him a large alimony every month, which could also end the majority of their sons. “I guess it’s easier for you boys not to have anyone supervising your homework. I’m sure the example of a dad who smokes cannabis every day means a lot to you as 15 and 16 year olds. I completely understand your need to live with your father while I had to play the role of the perfect person for 15 years, for no reason. At the start of her guardianship, the issue of Britney Spears’ drug use had been at the heart of the debates concerning the custody of her sons.

The interpreter of “Baby One More Time” continues by explaining that he led 4 tours, was a judge on the X Factor show “and much more”, all this, under supervision and without having had a say. “I did all that for you,” she says. “Jayden, it’s horrible to see your dad being such a hypocrite, to see him explaining that the media is horrible while agreeing to you talking about our personal stories with them.” Calling once again to meet her boys face to face, she concludes by showing them her love and pride. “Keep playing the piano,” she tells Jayden. “You and your brother are brilliant,” she slips again. She finally gives them a last appeal: “If you can, in all honesty, sit down and say, with your brilliant and sensitive mind that, despite what grandpa and grandma did to me, they are not bad people, then yes , I failed as a mother and I hope this will be a discussion that you will have with your father, in order to understand what is right and wrong”.

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