How you can flip banana peels into treats

How you can flip banana peels into treats

Banana peels that we normally throw away might be become nutritious flour.

In line with the Healthline web site, a examine finds that utilizing a wholesome quantity of banana peel flour in sugar cookie dough creates a extra nutritious and flavorful cookie.

“The primary goal of this examine was to transform uncooked banana peel right into a precious product, as it’s wealthy in dietary fiber and antioxidants, that are very helpful to well being,” mentioned the examine writer. , Faizan Ahmad.

How you can put together the banana peel?

First the researchers began by blanching the banana peels, then they dried them and floor them right into a tremendous powder.

Afterwards, they combined this banana peel flour with butter, skimmed milk powder, sugar, vegetable oil and wheat flour. So that they created 5 completely different batches of sugar cookies which they then baked.

Eat wholesome

Researchers discovered that by changing 15% wheat flour with banana peel flour, they produced browner, more durable cookies.

In line with the examine, cookies containing banana peel flour have been more healthy and contained much less fats and protein. In addition they contained increased quantities of phenols and improved antioxidant ranges than these produced with wheat flour alone.

Ahmad additionally mentioned that the usage of banana peel in merchandise may assist enhance dietary high quality whereas serving to to stop cardiovascular illnesses, constipation, colon most cancers, diabetes and weight problems, amongst others. .

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