how does mosquito control work?

how does mosquito control work?

After the confirmation of several indigenous cases of dengue fever in the former Midi Pyrenees, several mosquito control operations will be carried out, such as at Salvetat Saint-Gilles, where a new case was declared on Friday September 2. In Colomiers, each year, the city offers three anti-larval treatments and an awareness campaign for citizens.

It is a virus taken very seriously by the health authorities. Several indigenous cases of dengue have been declared in the Hautes-Pyrénées and this Friday, September 2, another person was infected at Salvetat Saint-Gilles by this virus which is very widespread in Africa.

Even if the health of this inhabitant of Haute-Garonne does not inspire concern, the municipalities of the sector will put a series of actions in place to prevent any spread of dengue fever.

Dengue fever causes fever, headaches, and muscle and joint pain. Tiger mosquitoes are the vector of this tropical disease.

4.8 million inhabitants colonized by tiger mosquitoes in Occitania

However, the tiger mosquito has proliferated a lot this summer with the high temperatures. The Regional Health Agency (ARS) has also sounded the alarm in Occitania. “Today, 88% of the population, almost 4.9 million inhabitants, are colonized by tiger mosquitoes”:

Faced with this scourge, and to limit the risk of transmission of dengue fever, preventive measures are being deployed at Salvetat Saint-Gilles by a mosquito control operator mandated by ARS Occitanie.

mosquito control operations

In the next few days, a preventive mosquito control operation will take place. A door-to-door survey is also planned to inform the citizens of the sector.

At the same time, mosquito control campaigns are regular and widespread in Haute-Garonne. In 2017, the city of Colomiers had also been confronted with suspected cases of dengue fever. A large-scale mosquito control operation had to be carried out.

She consisted in spraying an insecticide on the public road from a 4X4 vehicle. The products used were based on pyrethroid or natural pyrethrins. The same materials found in household mosquito repellents.

Three phases of anti-larval treatment per year in Colomiers

Since then, the city has operated a mosquito control campaign every year with three anti-larval treatment phases in 18 storm basins and water bodies.

The first was already carried out at the beginning of May. A second took place at the end of June to the beginning of July 2022 and finally the last must be carried out in the coming days in September.

These treatments are carried out with a biological product without danger for the man, the fauna or the surrounding flora.

In addition to these direct actions, the town of Colomiers educates its inhabitants through urban displays, information campaigns including on social networks.

Because prevention also has a role to play in avoiding the proliferation of mosquitoes.

What actions to take to limit the proliferation of mosquitoes

On its website, the city of Colomiers therefore asks residents to pay attention to stagnant water which allows the proliferation of mosquito larvae.

The Columérins are thus invited to take care not to let water stagnate in their houses or gardens, such as in buckets, small rubbish or bulky items.

It is also necessary to pay attention to cover the water tanks or the swimming pools. Like bodies of water, green spaces are particularly sought after by mosquitoes.

It is therefore necessary to think about regularly maintaining your garden, such as, for example, picking up fallen fruit, plant debris, limiting watering or clearing brush and trimming tall grass and hedges.

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