his exorbitant salary revealed, diva attitude, TPMP attacks the host…

his exorbitant salary revealed, diva attitude, TPMP attacks the host…

Karine Le Marchand fueled much of the debate during Cyril Hanouna’s last show. In “Touche Pas À Mon Poste”, the host and the columnists notably mentioned the salary that the host of “Love is in the meadow” would receive.

Guillaume Genton makes surprising revelations about Karine Le Marchand

Tuesday August 30, it was Guillaume Genton who revealed this information. Indeed, this columnist announced on the air the amount that Karine Lemarchand would earn per issue. While Cyril Hanouna was surprised at this exorbitant amount, Guillaume Genton continued his revelations. Thus, he called the presenter of “Love is in the meadow” of capricious woman. The columnist even told a little anecdote that would have taken place on the set of the show.

The program presented by Karine Le Marchand meets again A lot of success This year. Each week, viewers are numerous and Internet users jostle to comment on the episodes on the web. In the last broadcast, witnessing a particularly awkward moment amused them a lot. Indeed, Perrine and Léa, Sébastien’s contenders, had a hard time managing a head-to-head.

A salary considered exorbitant by the columnists

Anyway, it is the host, and not the candidates, who has occupied the minds of the columnists of Cyril Hanouna these days. On C8, Guillaume Genton did not hesitate to reveal his crisp information. According to him, Karine Le Marchand would win 15,000 euros per issue.

Matthieu Delormeau, emblematic columnist of TPMP, expected an even larger sum. But for Cyril Hanouna, this is already “enormous”. The team has calculated how much this salary represents for the entire 2022 season. “It makes him 150,000 euros for “Love is in the meadow”” we could hear on the set of “TPMP”.

For those who wonder if the candidates perceive something, Guillaume Genton has provided answers. According to him, farmers and suitors wouldn’t get a penny. As for the total cost of the show, it would amount to 350,000 euros. Of course, the columnist has no evidence to confirm his statements, but he fully assumes them.

Karine Le Marchand described as capricious animator

On the set of “TPMP“, the behavior of Karine Le Marchand was also mentioned. In the past, she had been accused of being “falsely friendly”. Some, on the set of “Love is in the meadow” had even used the word “Diva” to describe her way of being. According to the sources of the chronicler of Cyril Hanouna, the facilitator would be capricious. Some of his requirements would be, among other things, at the origin of this reputation.

To support his point, Guillaume Genton recounted a scene that took place two years ago. “They had a meal with all the production teams at a farmer’s during filming. Karine Le Marchand demands personalized meals. And she freaked out during filming because there wasn’t the right brand of yogurt. She filmed the yogurt brand saying ‘It’s a scandal, I don’t work under these conditions’ and she sent the video to all the production bosses. »

For now, it is not possible to ensure the veracity of the words of the columnist of “TPMP”. Everyone has their own idea!

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