Foods that make your kids smarter

Foods that make your kids smarter

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Good nutrition is the cornerstone of academic performance. It is also essential for the constitution and maintenance of the organs of the human body as well as for the strength of the bones. Brain-boosting foods help your child develop and organize their life in an efficient way

To have optimal health and a functioning brain, your child needs certain essential nutrients in good quantities every day. Balance and variety are the keys to a nutritious meal. A deficiency in just one of the nutrients can seriously prevent your child from performing well in the classroom or at work.

Consider fresh fruit

Biologically active energy resources that help body cells produce more energy and vitality are the most important parameter of your child’s meal. Researchers suggest that simple and complex sugars should be an important component of the diet.

For example, almost all fruits provide energy in large quantities in the form of fructose and simple sucrose. A few pieces of fresh fruit slipped into your child’s lunch box won’t just keep your child healthy all day. They will also help him increase his level of concentration, as well as his attention.

Mysterious amino acids

Most amino acids must be provided by food. A deficiency in even one of the important amino acids can impair a number of body functions.

A complete, protein-rich diet can improve basic parts of your child’s brain, such as neurotransmitters, which are kinds of messengers that carry signals from brain cells to different parts of the body.

The amino acid called tyrosine, found largely in fish, dairy products, eggs, oats and turkey, can improve mood and increase mental alertness. Another crucial amino acid, phenylalanine, can regulate blood sugar and preserve memory and complex mental processes.

Excellent fats

Essential fats are perhaps the most important element in your child’s diet. The type and quality of fat largely influences the degree and level of brain development and the ability to think, store and remember events.

Helpful additives found in fat like omega-3s are known to boost brain development in children and help stave off low brain activity. Omega-3s are found in fish oils, eggs, dried fruits and seeds.

Beneficial vitamins and trace elements

Your child’s brain function is significantly enhanced or influenced by a number of essential vitamins and trace elements. Essential vitamins and trace elements are also crucial for a number of other aspects like strengthening the immune system and boosting nervous system functions.

Essential brain foods are rich in the following nutrients and food additives:
1. Basic sugars like sucrose and fructose (orange, avocado, berries, apricots, apples and grapes.)
2. Biologically active proteins (poultry, cod, sardines, mackerel, shrimp and shellfish, eggs, turkey and red meat.)
3. Essential fats (soybean oil, corn oil, omega-3s generated by certain species of fish, dairy products, yogurts, limited amounts of cheese, cocoa, and tuna).
4. Fiber (corn, nuts, seeds, green leaves, vegetables like spinach and broccoli and carrots)

Advice : Don’t let your child eat too many sugary foods because of their adverse effects like dizziness, irritability and mood swings.

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