Faustine Bollaert: Rare secrets about her family life, she announces a big change to come

Faustine Bollaert: Rare secrets about her family life, she announces a big change to come

While Faustine Bollaert started her sixth season on France 2 with It starts todaythe host gave an interview to the magazine Galapublished this Thursday, September 1. She talks about the success she meets thanks to this program and the beautiful confidence that has been established” between her and the public. But for Faustine Bollaert, the priority is always her children, Abbie and Peterfruits of his union with the writer Maxime Chattam. A brother and a sister very proud of their mother and already open to the world.

My children, who are 9 and 7 years old, are very curious about what I do. They like very much The Secret Box, for example. They spend more time on Netflix and Disney+, but they are also very interested in news titles. They want to understand the world in which they live. With their father, we are passionate about deciphering all this with their words“, she confided, adding that she also wanted to make them aware of ecology and global warming. But Faustine Bollaert especially seeks to spend time with them.

I sometimes present in a disjointed way

That’s why she decided to make an important change: that of moving. “We are now trying to get closer to Paris, because journeys are a time of life that I do not spend with my family, precisely. But I want to stay in the countryside, with my dogs and this quieter pace“, she announced. This separation with the Parisian euphoria is important for Faustine Bollaert who has no reason to be bored with her profession and who therefore wishes to bring a certain balance to her daily life, always for the good of his children.”On Mondays I work from home, and on Wednesdays I try to be home to spend the day with them and take them to their activities. I am sometimes present in a disjointed way because of filming, but they know my job and are happy for me. The main thing is to be there when you’re there.”

Understanding about their mother’s absences, Abbie and Peter are also understanding when it comes to her notoriety, which ultimately does not encroach so much on their lives. “They are in a bilingual school where there are a lot of expatriates who don’t know me. And don’t care! They are sometimes proud when I am stopped in the street, but it is anecdotal for them. They are very good in their sneakers. This is my greatest achievement“, said Faustine Bollaert in conclusion.

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