Faustine Bollaert married to Maxime Chattam: tender snapshot of their union for a special occasion

Faustine Bollaert married to Maxime Chattam: tender snapshot of their union for a special occasion

In a relationship with Maxime Chattam, Faustine Bollaert remembered the good memories of their marriage by posting an adorable snapshot of their union on Instagram. It was ten years ago, and the host of It starts today wanted to mark the occasion.

Between them, it’s a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story. Faustine Bollaert and Maxime Chattam write in capital letters their romance that began on a radio set in 2010. The host of And if that was happiness had been so turned upside down by the writer that at the end of the interview, she had come out to her team: “that man, he’s perfect”. That man, Michel Drucker’s protege seduced him and then married him before raising two adorable toddlers by his side, named Abbie (9 years old) and Peter (7 years old). All this little world is swimming in full happiness, as during these summer holidays when the family took the direction of Los Angeles for walks on the Californian beaches and their dose of adrenaline in the amusement parks of the area.

An unpublished and collector photo

The return to reality, and to the exhausting rhythm of the recordings of It starts todaywas a little more painful, even if Faustine Bollaert manages to manage this roller coaster in terms of emotions. “I am sometimes presents in a disjointed way because of filmingbut they know my job and are happy for me”, This busy mom said in an interview with Gala.

She has not forgotten an important date, that of her marriage to her companion, September 1, 2012. On the occasion of their pewter wedding, this hypersensitive published a tender snapshot of their union on Instagram. A black and white photo on which the lovebirds kiss passionately, and who will not have failed to move his community. It remains to be seen whether the star of France Télévision will materialize the promise set out in the columns of the Parisian in 2019: that of flying to French Polynesia to celebrate their ten years of love. A refuge of peace and azure blue water to coo.


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