Fabienne Carat was robbed of a lot of money: she reveals the scam of which she is the victim

Fabienne Carat was robbed of a lot of money: she reveals the scam of which she is the victim

For many people, September 1 is synonymous with back to school, but for Fabienne Carat, the day rhymes with an appointment at the police station. And the reason for this move is really not pleasant as she explained in the story of her Instagram account a few hours ago.

The former star of More beautiful life who spins the perfect love with Alain, former candidate of Married at first sight 2021, was ripped off and not just a little. After testifying to the police, she decided to film herself and told everything to her subscribers. The goal ? Warn them.

With a calm voice and still as beautiful, the 43-year-old actress made no secret of being disappointed and decided to explain in detail the scam of which she was the victim: “I’m leaving the police station for something that isn’t very funny. I was the victim of a big fraud on my bank account so just to tell you that if you receive an SMS from health insurance to update your vital card which will expire in 24 hours, you will be asked to enter your details banks, don’t do the same stupidity as me.“Fabienne Carat then insists on the fact that her fans should never fill out this form or pay online to have their carte vitale re-sent to them.

After she made this mistake, Celeste’s mother, born in December 2021, then said that she had been contacted by the fraudsters: “It took a very, very long time to gain my trust, but they managed to make large online payments, transfers too, so don’t be like me, be careful, they are very talented, very strong and very reassuring.“All Fabienne Carat wants now is for no one else to be fooled.

The actress can in any case count on the support of her companion Alain who, a few hours earlier, unveiled a new and adorable photo. On this one, he holds Celeste in his arms and Fabienne Carat embraces him with hers. A pretty image of a blended family. A happiness for Fabienne Carat who was sad to learn that the father of her child did not want to raise him.

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