Fabienne Carat: Her daughter and her stepfather Alain (Married at first sight) inseparable, family photo

Fabienne Carat: Her daughter and her stepfather Alain (Married at first sight) inseparable, family photo

Fabienne Carat is a happy woman in her professional life but also (and perhaps above all) in her private life. At the beginning of August, his couple with Alain, former candidate of Married at first sight discovered during the 5th season (2021), has been formalized and since then, the 43-year-old star has shared her happiness with her subscribers.

Thursday, September 1, he unveiled in story a tender photo of the trio that he forms with his lover and his daughter Celeste, born in December 2021 and whose identity of the father is not known. If the dad of the adorable little brown head did not want to raise the child, Céleste does not lack love. Of course, she has that of her mother, Carole her aunt but above all she can count on Alain. So here they are all three posing. The baby is in the muscular arms of the young man who is embraced by those of Fabienne Carat (see the slideshow).

An image that is reminiscent of the one unveiled on August 24, the date of Fabienne Carat’s birthday. The trio was already posing together and again, it was Alain and Céleste who was at the heart of the photo. The former heroine More beautiful life took his daughter in his arms but his baby held out his arms to Alain and vice versa. The snapshot unveiled today testifies a little more to the love that reigns between Celeste and her stepfather.

And the little girl is lucky because thanks to her mother’s romance with the former candidate of Married at first sightshe now has a half-sister and a half-brother. Alain is indeed the father of Lili and Lino who are older than her since Lili was 10 years old during the filming of MAPR and Lino 7 years old.

For the moment, the couple has not yet walked together on the red carpets and is discreet on the official events. This does not prevent them from making sublime declarations of love on social networks. Like on August 24 when they posted the same message: “The most beautiful gifts are those that life offers you, with those who choose your soul and those who recognize themselves in a look. Sometimes fate plays with us, happiness comes then leaves then comes back… even bigger and when we no longer expect it. In any case, it comes at the right time, at the best, when we are finally ready to welcome it.

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