F1 fans marvel at Flying Man on track at Belgian Grand Prix

F1 fans marvel at Flying Man on track at Belgian Grand Prix

Everyone loves one sport or another. Some people like to play sports, while others can’t miss watching it on TV. Formula 1 racing is such a game that people love to watch. High speed cars are thrilling. However, people at the stadium as well as those watching at home had an even more amazing sight during the Belgian Grand Prix.

On Saturday, F1 fans watching the qualifying session were stunned after a man flew over the circuit on a flyboard.

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Many captured the stunning stunt on camera and it was immediately shared online by several users. But the clip that got the most shares and got everyone talking was filmed by a user called Nienke (@avoidingtmrw). He shared the video on Twitter and wrote: “Someone just flew over the F1 circuit, BelgianGP.”

In the video that has gone viral, a man can be seen riding a hoverboard. He is having so much fun and it seems like it was his daily chore. The name of the person performing the stunt is Frankie Zapata, a French inventor who took off from La Source Corner, flying 400 meters without any U-turns. It’s not the first time he’s done this, also earlier in 2019 he flew over the F1 track and paid tribute to French driver Anthony Hubert.

The video garnered over 3.7 million views. People got very excited after watching this 10 second music video, and thousands of people retweeted it.

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