Eryl Prayer in the emergency room: he gives news of Loana

Eryl Prayer in the emergency room: he gives news of Loana

Where is Loana since the revelation of the shocking photos of her makeover in Incredible Transformations? His great friend Eryl Prayer and lookalike of Elvis gave his news on Instagram when he had to go to a doctor urgently.

The summer has been difficult for Loana. While the reality star had strongly criticized his passage in Incredible Transformations, Nicholas Waldorf restored the truth on social networks. Last February, the big winner of History of the loft had cried foul and revealed to Here is that her makeover had been totally missed. A very bad experience for her when she had mainly questioned the famous hairdresser of M6 accusing him of having it”ruinedand for cutting her hair bob, dyeing it all brown. Statements denied en bloc by the young man who finally put an end to the controversy by revealing the photo proving the real result of his transformation. “Sacred icon but sacred liar“, he launched, revealing the starlet with a mid-length cut and an ash blonde that suits her perfectly.

Eryl Prayer reveals where Loana is

On her Instagram account, Loana reacted to this revelation by posting other pictures of her makeover. “I’m not saying it’s awful, I’m just saying it doesn’t look like me and that we had agreed on certain things which were not respected“, she confided. And to add: “I didn’t recognize myself. That’s why I cried“. After a short visit to a charity petanque evening, organized in Saint-Tropez, Loana has given no further news. What once again worry Internet users. But her great friend Eryl Prayer, who watches over her, gave her news in the story of her Instagram account. Information that he delivered when he was not in very good shape. The lookalike of Elvis Presley had to go to the doctor urgently after having an unfortunate encounter with… a jellyfish.

To give an idea of ​​my ass! Burned by a jellyfish ! So for now, I take care of myself and my health“, he revealed, revealing an impressive photo of his injury. Well aware that Loana’s fans were going to worry about not knowing her with him anymore, he assured that she was currently not alone but in very good hands.”Loana is at her mother’s ! I saw her a few days ago and she was fine. !“, he explained. We are reassured!


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