English clubs spent lavishly

English clubs spent lavishly

With more than 2 billion euros spent on transfers during the off-season, the Premier League broke its record for a summer transfer window. This emerges from a study by the audit firm Deloitte.

Despite the difficult economic context in England – with galloping inflation – the twenty Premier League clubs have spent without counting or almost: 1.9 billion pounds in total (around 2.2 billion euros) have been put on the table for the acquisition of 169 players during this market which concluded Thursday evening in Europe, according to the British firm.

According to Deloitte, this historic amount is 67% higher than last year’s transfer window, and 34% above the previous record which, among the major European leagues, was already the property of the Premier League, with 1, 68 billion euros spent during the 2017 off-season.

Confidence regained

After the difficulties encountered during the health crisis, “this record amount testifies to the confidence of Premier League clubs”, commented Tim Bridge, the main partner of the study. He noted that “the supporters are back in the stadiums (after the pandemic, editor’s note) and that a new cycle is starting for the broadcasting rights”.

“This season, the desire to sign talent has reached unprecedented levels, with clubs under pressure like never before” to meet their targets, he added. By way of comparison, during the off-season, this record amount is, according to Deloitte, higher than all the cumulative expenses of the three other major championships, Spanish, Italian and German.

Chelsea spent the most

In the Premier League, it is “so high” that it is already higher than the expenditure for the entire 2017-18 season, that is to say the winter transfer window included, specifies Deloitte. Chelsea, which recently changed ownership – American Todd Boehly succeeding Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich – is the English club to have spent the most this summer with 294 million euros. The London team notably offered the services of Frenchman Wesley Fofana (Leicester) for 82 million euros.

Manchester United, which recruited the Brazilian striker from Ajax Antony for 100 million euros bonus included or his compatriot Casemiro (Real Madrid) for 70 million euros, comes second with 233 million euros spent .


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