Don’t forget the lyrics: the nice surprise of Nagui and the Zikos to the son of Lucie, the maestro (ZAPTV)

Don’t forget the lyrics: the nice surprise of Nagui and the Zikos to the son of Lucie, the maestro (ZAPTV)

This Wednesday, August 31, Nagui once again received Lucie, the maestro of Don’t forget the lyrics. The latter celebrated her 14th victory but also another very important event in her eyes. The opportunity for the host to make a nice gift to his son.

Nagui is always very caring with his maestros. After spending many shows with them and sharing their great emotions at each of their victories, the 60-year-old host has created very strong ties with his candidates from Do not forget the lyrics. This is particularly the case with Lucie, who multiplies the victories in the France 2 program. This Wednesday, August 31, the young champion thus validated its 14th participation and a pot amounting to 111,000 euros.

Enough to drive the participant crazy with joy, who celebrated her new success to the sound ofHappy birthday with a bonus shower of golden confetti. A little attention that was actually not intended for him at all! When Melanie Page’s husband asked Magali Ripoll and his acolytes the Zikos explanations, the chorister revealed that it was the twelfth birthday of Thomas, the son of the maestro. A shock for the little boy, who came to admire his mother on the set, who did not expect such a surprise.

Nagui makes a beautiful gift to the son of his champion

Very embarrassed, Thomas joined all shy Nagui on the set of Do not forget the lyricsto the applause of the audience. A nice gift for the little boy who owes everything to his mother. The latter asked the production of the France 2 program to prepare this little happening for her son. “We wish you a happy birthday. I did not plan a gift So I suggest you do something if you agree. I whisper it in your ear and you do what you want afterwards. Does it suit you as a gift?“, launched the host, who whispered a few words to him.

Thomas had the privilege of closing the show by greeting the viewers in place of Nagui. A present like no other that he will remember for a long time, just like his mother, stars in his eyes watching his offspring in front of the cameras.

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