Dominique Farrugia suffering from multiple sclerosis: this event which would have triggered his disease

Dominique Farrugia suffering from multiple sclerosis: this event which would have triggered his disease

Dominique Farrugia, who turns 60 this Friday, September 2, has lived with multiple sclerosis for more than three decades. The actor, who has agreed to publicly discuss his disability, spoke a few months ago about the event which, according to him, had triggered his illness.

Thirty years ago, the diagnosis fell for Dominique Farrugia, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. The 60-year-old actor had agreed to discuss his disability publicly, he who published a book last year, titled She never left mein which he made particular reference to his two daughters.”Being a dad who will never ride a bike, who will not run in the park, is complicated. My family has to adapt to my needs. So yes, sometimes I feel like a jerk. But I value my independence very much.“, he had notably confided in the columns of the Parisian.

During the promotion of his book, Dominique Farrugia had mentioned the crucial subject of disability at work, explaining that in the past he had the “shameful disability“.”Especially when he was invisible. That is to say, I had not great walking autonomy. I had to hang on because I was losing my balance and I was having major bouts of fatigue that go with this chronic illness. Today I no longer have it. I won in ‘fuck the others“, he said on Telematin facing Thomas Sotto.

A very painful loss

Dominique Farrugia confirmed this in an interview with West Francethe first symptoms of his multiple sclerosis appeared when he was 28 years old. In 1989, Bruno Carette, a former member of Les Nuls died at the age of just 33. A disappearance which violently affected Dominique Farrugia, who had explained in the columns of the daily newspaper that this event had, according to him, triggered his illness.

When I do the chronology of my illness, I think his death was the trigger. Scientists say that MS is something inside you that could show up after a lot of stress. What could be worse than the death of a loved one? I was 28 and didn’t know you could die at 33. I was completely taken aback. Bruno left within three months, then I had panic attacks“, he confided. A death engraved forever in the memory of the one who paid tribute to his friend on social networks, in 2019.

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