disgusted and hurt, Thomas Pesquet makes a very big update

disgusted and hurt, Thomas Pesquet makes a very big update

On Saturday, September 3, NASA is due to launch its new mega-rocket, called Artemis, to the Moon. The device’s mission is to propel the Orion capsule to orbit around the Moon and will not take a crew on board. The goal is for NASA to verify that the vehicle is safe for future astronauts.

This important event attracts space conquest enthusiasts, but also its detractors. On social networks, conspiracy theories are not uncommon and some Internet users claim that Man has never actually set foot on the Moon. These conspiracy theories absolutely do not pass on the side of Thomas Pesquet. The astronaut let his anger burst out on Twitter, annoyed by the many attacks on his profession and his passion. “BOf course yes, the human went to the moon during the Apollo missions. And we’re going back. It also worries me enormously to see how some people have fun blurring the truth and others are having fun. Seriously ask yourself the question: who wins in all this? Not NASA no, but the manipulators who tell you that everything is false (…) In truth, it pisses me off to write all this. It shouldn’t and I should be more patient, but it’s infuriating. The guys who tell you ‘we’re lying to you, look, the truth is here, I’m not lying to you, of course’, doesn’t that seem a bit easy? They have everything to gain“, he dropped in a long series of messages.

JYou have those who do the work, who invent, who build, who work every day to put, for example, an incredibly complex rocket in position to fulfill its mission. It’s beautiful, it’s positive, it’s useful. But it is VERY difficult. While there’s nothing easier for a guy than to get hidden behind his keyboard and say things because it suits him that you listen to him. It doesn’t really take much effort… If you get caught up in this in good faith, it happens: get off Twitter and try to find the info in books, for example. It’s safer“, he added.


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