Death of Filip Nikolic: the impossible mourning of his widow Valérie… his daughters intervene!

Death of Filip Nikolic: the impossible mourning of his widow Valérie… his daughters intervene!

Filip Nikolic, one of the members of 2Be3, an essential French boy-band of the 90s with Adel (Adel Kachermi) and Frank Delay, would have been 48 years old on Thursday, September 1, 2022. Fate decided otherwise on September 16, 2009, date on which the singer died suddenly of a heart attack caused by an overdose of drugs. He had just turned 35. The singer left behind his two friends from 2Be3 (Adel Kachermi and Frank Delay) but also his wife Valérie Bourdin and their two daughters: Tanelle, 28 (daughter of Valérie whom Filip Nikolic raised from the age of 4 to 16) and Sasha, 17 years old. For the record, in 1998, the couple was already expecting a child but, following the pressure caused by the friends of Filip Nikolic and his manager, Valérie Bourdin was forced to abort. “Valérie, you’re pregnant… That’s good! But I signed a singer. Not a father!”she said in her book Filip, for life (Rocher editions) in 2010.

The men, I no longer saw them

The death of the former member of the famous boy band has greatly affected the mother of the two girls who, ten years after her death, was faced with a difficult mourning, as her eldest daughter Tanelle had told in an interview with our colleagues of Gala in September 2020: “There were photos of Filip everywhere in the house and even a life-size poster in my mother’s room. With Sacha, last February, we realized that we had to intervene. She was no longer laughing, she was no longer dancing The more things went, the more she withdrew. We told her that we had to move on”. For her part, the widow of Filip Nikolic had given her version in this same interview: “I threw myself into work. I was obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a cocoon for my daughters. The men, I no longer saw them. I would not have given an hour to one of them , I preferred to be with my children”she confided.

After this difficult period, Valérie Bourdin fell in love with a man again. “For six months, at 53, I officially have someone in my life”she revealed to Gala. We do not know the identity of this man but Filip will always occupy a precious place in the heart of Valérie and her daughters.

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