Dazzling Jenifer: the singer reveals her vintage dress with an XXL neckline and is unanimous!

Dazzling Jenifer: the singer reveals her vintage dress with an XXL neckline and is unanimous!

A short time ago, singer Jenifer posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account. The latter did not fail to react to her fans who loved her look super fashionable and that perfectly highlights it. We’ll explaine everything here.

Jennifer in motion

This new school year is very eventful for Jenifer who has just released a brand new clip called “Sauve qui amour”. This was therefore the opportunity to come back to this woman who panics the web. Indeed, she was discovered in the very first season of Star Academy, and with this program which must do his big comeback on channel number one, Jenifer is expected to play a role in the latter.

But if recently, she had been talked about, it was thanks to the promotion of her clip. Indeed, she had published an extract of the latter on her Instagram account where she was absolutely divine. messy hairlightly made up and with a gorgeous babydoll. What to make want to see the clip of Jenifer to his fans. But that’s not all. We were also able to see her with a completely different face. Indeed, for the occasion, she sported a magnificent platinum blond, which although unusual, suited him perfectly.

Save who loves

It is therefore on her Instagram that Jenifer posted this promotional photo of Save who loves. We could thus see her on the set of her clip with a hair removal device from the Braun brand, a brand of which she is also a partner. She thus declares on her photo that “Lots of laughs on the set of #sauvequiaime. Besides, even @braun_france played the game by lending me the first razor from the 60s/70s for our decoration!”. One can also notice, if we pay attention to detailsthat this device is in its clip in the bathroom. And it blends in perfectly with the decor of the latter. A placement thus very well done for Jenifer and a plus to be gained for the brand.

Tweed trend

For her music video, Jenifer wanted to look beautiful, which is understandable and not very difficult. She opted for beautiful outfits. We can notably find it with the famous babydoll dress, but also with a green satin shirt. But one of the outfits that did the most sensation is its set and tweed donuts and Pink. Indeed, this set is very fashionable at the moment and is causing havoc. This is a square neck crop top with thin straps. And it goes together with a mini-skirt and a fitted jacket.

What makes the charm of this set that Jenifer wears remains the material that is in vogue. This is a material called Tweed. And even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen it before. More and more fashionistas are wearing them and for good reason, it’s sublime. It is therefore a fall essential if you want to be in the trendy for its retro sideelegant and classy. Most often, it is worn as a three-piece set, but can also be worn separately.

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