Cyril Hanouna: Photos of him as a child revealed, the resemblance to his son Lino is striking!

Cyril Hanouna: Photos of him as a child revealed, the resemblance to his son Lino is striking!

It was back to school this Thursday, September 1st. The opportunity for Sasha Elbaz, through her column The drafting indicator, to disclose unpublished images of Cyril Hanouna at school when he was a child in Do not touch My TV. Brown, long hair, little angel face… His resemblance to his son Lino immediately jumped out at the chroniclersespecially on one of the three shots. “Your mom took your picture just before your return to CM1, just before going to school, lookz”, indicated the columnist by revealing the photo.

It’s Lino!” then exclaimed the chroniclers, amazed by this similarity between Baba and his boy. “We know what will become of your son eh“, added Matthieu Delormeau with a mocking air. As a reminder, Lino was born in 2012 from the host’s past relationship with Emilie. He also has a sister named Bianca.

A showman like his father?

Wednesday August 31, the young boy stole the show from his father in TPMP by appearing in a sequence with him and the Youtubeur Nino Arial, new recruit of the program. He thus demonstrated all his acting skills in this sketch, which in particular allowed viewers to notice how much he had grown. He has also already done, some time ago, the show in the 6 to 7 by Benjamin Castaldi.

But Cyril Hanouna is always very careful to protect his children from his notoriety, although he never hides his pride in being a dad. For the podcast Elise & Juliahe rarely confided in his son, especially in relation to school and his ability to assert himself and defend himself. I ask them every time. You know what I see that’s not hot? My son, he has long hair. At ten, if they take your head, you cut your hair, Everything is fine“, he noted, saying that little Lino already has a lot of “temper“. He can also be happy to get along well with his mother: “We love each other, I have it every day on the phone“, he affirmed.

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