Cyril Hanouna: A columnist disrespects his son Lino, the host makes a radical determination stay

Cyril Hanouna: A columnist disrespects his son Lino, the host makes a radical determination stay

Matthieu Delormeau was in turmoil this Wednesday, September 7 in Don’t contact My TV ! He was the goal of Youtubeur and new recruit this season Nino Arial, who swung a file on the 48-year-old columnist. The latter would have expressed himself badly about Lino, the son of Cyril Hanouna, who additionally appears quite a bit like his father.

I arrived just a few days in the past, nobody knew me, I bumped into Matthieu who did not know who I used to be as a result of he isn’t considering anybody.” instructed Nino Arial at first, then already inflicting some laughter from the chroniclers and the spectators who shortly understood that it was in all probability a joke. “He is there, he is speaking to everybody, and also you arrived with Lino”, he continued, addressing Cyril Hanouna.

A nose to nose with Lino?

We had simply shot the video we made collectively (during which Lino made a shock look, editor’s word). And Matthieu in his extreme kindness and his legendary honesty appears at Lino and begins to say ‘how stunning is that this little one…’ (…) however if you (Cyril Hanouna and Lino, editor’s word ) went to the elevator, Matthieu turned to me and stated, I quote ‘this little one is execrable I can not stand him’” he revealed, thus frightening the final indignation of all of the columnists, all with clearly loads of second diploma.

Confronted with this revelation, whereas Matthieu Delormeau tried someway to defend himself, Cyril Hanouna made a radical determination: “It is extremely easy. Tomorrow, my son will come to reply you“, thus saying the possible arrival of his son this Thursday on the present. “You’ll make a confrontation with him. After which we’ll decide, him and me, about your future“, he defined to Matthieu Delormeau, restraining himself from laughing.

It is an 8-year-old child who’s by no means achieved something who’s going to inform me if I am leaving or not?”, The columnist was indignant. “You are leaving very, very badly!“replied the host. Verdict tomorrow to seek out out the destiny that awaits the columnist with the blonde lock on the present!

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