Corinne and Gilles Bénizio: Shirley and Dino have completely changed their lives, revelations

Corinne and Gilles Bénizio: Shirley and Dino have completely changed their lives, revelations

Last February, the show What are the 30 favorite comedy duos of the French ? (France 3), gave news of Shirley and Dino, star comedians of the early 2000s. We learned that Corinne and Gilles Bénizio, their real name, propelled to the front of the stage in The biggest cabaret in the world of Patrick Sébastien, were still in a relationship. This time, on August 7, it was the spouses who made revelations about their current lifein the columns of Provence. The soul of Shirley and Dino is there but the characters, their costumes, the Vichy dress is over. We no longer wanted“, delivered Gilles Bénizio to our colleagues.

Those who formed Shirley and Dino, one of the show’s most iconic duos The biggest cabaret in the worldwith an offbeat sense of humor and ever more retro outfits, they decided to put an end to the adventure. The costumes are therefore put away for Corinne and Gilles Bénizio. “We didn’t want to be less good and tire people. (…) We put them in a retirement home to do something else“, justified the comedian. From now on, the couple is devoted to other passions, like opera or stagingas he says. And that allows the ex-performers of Shirley and Dino to always have “the impression of continuing in the same vein“. Their goal is to make these shows more accessible.

A reconversion but still “a lot of humor”

But is the humor still there? “There is a lot of humor in our shows, even if they are very classic operas“, confided the husband of Corinne Bénizio. The artistic duo participated in the Festival des nuits de la citadelle in Sisteron with the musical show An animal carnival like no other. Which makes the 65-year-old man proud. “It was Pierre-François Heuclin, the festival programmer who thought of us. He knows our shows well, so he thought we were going to do something our way“, he notably declared to our colleagues. The goal, “try to make people laugh people between each change of music“.

Today married for more than thirty years, the two comedians are the parents of two children Elisa and Raphaël.

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