Chikungunya, dengue and zika: surveillance data…

Chikungunya, dengue and zika: surveillance data…

From 1is May to November 30 of each year, Public Health France coordinates the seasonal heightened surveillance of chikungunya, dengue fever and Zika in the metropolitan departments, in conjunction with the Regional Health Agencies (ARS).

1. Imported cases:

From 1is May to August 26, 2022, have been identified in mainland France:

1.1. Dengue fever:

  • 123 imported cases of dengue fever;
  • Geographical distribution: Auvergne-Rhône Alpes (AURA) 14 cases, Bourgogne-France Comté 5 cases, Brittany 3 cases, Centre-Val de Loire 3 cases, Grand Est 3 cases, Hauts-de-France 2 cases, Ile de France 42 cases , New Aquitaine 16 cases, Occitanie 24 cases, Pays de Loire 1 case, Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) 10 cases;
  • 112 cases were diagnosed in departments with documented implementation ofAedes albopictus ;
  • Area of ​​origin: Cuba 44 cases, Ivory Coast 15 cases, Reunion 8 cases, Brazil 7 cases, Mexico 5 cases, Thailand 5 cases, Indonesia 4 cases, Philippines 4 cases, India 3 cases, Maldives 3 cases, Benin 2 case, Cambodia 2 cases, Costa Rica 2 cases, Singapore 2 cases, Sri Lanka 2 cases, Vietnam 2 cases, Cameroon 1 case, Colombia 1 case, Congo 1 case, Djibouti 1 case, Ecuador 1 case, Guinea 1 case, Kenya 1 case, LAO People’s Democratic Republic 1 case, Mali 1 case, Mayotte 1 case, Sao Tome and Principe 1 case, Seychelles 1 case, Togo 1 case.

1.2. Chikungunya

  • 8 cases imported from Chikungunya;
  • Geographical distribution: AURA 1 case, IdF 3 cases, New Aquitaine 1 case, Pays de Loire 2 cases, PACA 1 case;
  • Area of ​​origin: Brazil 8 cases, Indonesia 8 cases;
  • The 8 cases were diagnosed in departments with documented implantation ofA.albopictus.

1.3. Zika

2. Indigenous cases

Nine autochthonous cases of dengue fever have been identified in France since the start of the enhanced surveillance period.

Eastern Pyrenees : An autochthonous case of dengue was identified in Perpignan on 07/21/2022. No other cases have been identified since.

Has been : A focus of 5 autochthonous cases of dengue is under investigation in the town of Fayence, following the identification of a first case on August 4th. These people presented their symptoms between mid-July and the end of July. All are located in the same sector of the town confirming the circulation of the virus in this area.

Alpes-Maritimes : An indigenous case of dengue was identified in early August in the town of Saint-Jeannet. This person presented his symptoms at the beginning of August. This case does not seem to be linked to the Var outbreak at this stage.

Hautes Pyrenees : On 08/18/2022, a case of autochthonous dengue fever in a patient residing in Andrest was reported to the ARS. The diagnosis was made by PCR on a sample taken on 08/16. It is an adult, having presented signs on August 10. The probable primary case at the origin of the transmission could be an imported case (residing 30m from the native case), who stayed in Reunion from May to early June, and presented clinical signs on June 08 with dengue serology positive on July 21. Vector control actions had been carried out on 26 July. On 08/24, a second autochthonous case was reported in Andrest. This is an adult who showed signs on August 6th. The serology of August 19 came back positive, being confirmed by the CNR. An active search for possible other cases is ongoing.

Source: Public Health France

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