Canal+ turns TF1, panic for France and the World Cup!

Canal+ turns TF1, panic for France and the World Cup!

For the past few hours, Canal+ subscribers have no longer had access to the TF1 group’s channels due to a financial dispute. The question of the France team and the World may arise.

The transfer window is over, but football will once again be at the heart of the concerns. And that because of television. This time it was not Amazon Prime that decided not to pay its bill, but it was quite simply Canal+ that put a black screen on all the channels of the TF1 group broadcast by MyCanal. At the heart of this decision, not a debate on the quality of the programs, but obviously a story of millions of euros. And on the side of the Bolloré Group, which owns Canal+, it is estimated that the Bouygues Group, to which TF1 belongs, is too greedy regarding the broadcasting rights of its channels on MyCanal. Result, this Friday, subscribers are entitled to a laconic message instead of the channels concerned (TF1, TMC, TFX, LCI, MyTF1): “Dn the context of the distribution of its channels by the Canal+ group, the TF1 group has expressed its desire to thoroughly review its commercial requirements as of August 31, 2022. Faced with these unfounded and unreasonable requirements for channels accessible free of charge for all, the Canal+ group is forced to give up broadcasting these channels “.

Canal+ and TF1, a good war for the start of the school year

Following this decision, TF1 responded by noting, on the sly, that Canal+ continued to charge its subscribers for these channels despite its decision to no longer broadcast them, before “ to hope that an agreement will be reached quickly to restore reception of our channels and our services. » For football fans, with the notable exception of the fact that Téléfoot will not be broadcast on MyCanal, with Ligue 1 images, there is nothing to worry about for Champions League and Europa League matches. , which have not been in the clear on TF1 for ages. But, the major concern obviously concerns the matches of the French team and the 2022 World Cup. Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, Canal + will always be able to rely on BeInSports which has all of the World Cup matches. However, not everyone subscribes to the sports package. And above all, it’s not just the World Cup in the life of the Blues, because for example one of the two matches of the French team, as part of the League of Nations, scheduled for the end of September will not be given. on MyCanal if TF1 is still banned. On social networks, it hits hard on the two groups, accused of taking viewers hostage to gorge themselves on a little more money. And that’s not necessarily wrong.

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