Camille Lacourt is leaving Paris! His partner Alice reveals their new destination

Camille Lacourt is leaving Paris! His partner Alice reveals their new destination

New start for a new life for Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaerewho have just left their accommodation in the Paris region to go to the south of France. The couple had been on the move lately and there were many round trips by train, which could cause some difficult times with little Marius (1 year old), not necessarily used to staying calm for hours. But all these trips were for a good cause since the couple was actively looking for a house!

And after months of research, Camille and Alice finally found what they were looking for. It was the former Miss Burgundy who sold the wick in a video posted on her Instagram account. “That’s it, with Camille we moved to Marseille”she reveals happily. A new life in one of the largest cities in France, therefore, for the former husband of Valérie Bègue, who is approaching a region he knows well.

Native of Narbonne (Aude), the champion returns to a city he knows since from 2008 to 2017, he evolved within the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille, one of the most famous structures in France. “We are so happy. I found my jewelry, my things and everything because it had been in the boxes for a few months”adds Alice Detollenaere, happy to finally feel at home.

Alice talks about her breast surgery, six months later

Beyond this beautiful announcement for the couple, the mother of the adorable little Marius also returns to the preventive breast operation that she underwent exactly six months ago. She explains the difficulties linked to this second operation, but assures that despite the delicate moments, she would do it again “100 times” for his son, Marius. Always so courageous, Alice Detollenaere does not hesitate to approach without filter very delicate subjects for women.“My heroine. You are magnificent in courage, kindness and beauty”declaims Camille Lacourt in the direction of the one who shares his life.

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