Booba supports Timal, accused of hitting his dog

Booba supports Timal, accused of hitting his dog

This is a case that will have been dealt with very quickly. This Tuesday, August 30, rapper Timal filmed himself hitting his dog, guilty, according to him, of having urinated in his living room. After posting the video on Snapchat, the artist was quickly accused of abuse by many Internet users. “You are Timal, you are known, do you chase your dog in Story? The IQ is close to 0, lock him up, deserved boycott”, “If a dog pees at home, it’s because he doesn’t don’t go out enough, you don’t take a dog if you can’t take it out. The dog in the story is Timal in real life”we have in particular been able to read on Twitter.

Associations have also expressed their indignation, such as the SPA or 30 Millions d’amis. The latter even made a report to the Pharos platform, asking that the animal be brought to safety, and filed a complaint. The day after the events, on Wednesday August 31, the rapper was arrested at his home in Champs-sur-Marne by the police and placed in police custody at the Noisiel urban police station as part of the investigation opened following the complaint for animal abuse, reported our colleagues from Parisian. Two dogs belonging to Timal were seized and entrusted to the Animal Protection Association. “They are very fearful”indicated the president of this association Anne-Claire Chauvancy.

But in this media storm and while many people called for a boycott of the artist, Timal received strong support: that of Booba. The Duke of Boulogne, who recently collaborated with the rapper from Seine-et-Marne, has indeed taken up his pen to defend him. If he condemned the act, he nevertheless assured his “little brother“that his gesture is not”unforgivable“. “I hope you regret your action which is unacceptable but not unforgivable. They will rejoice in your mistakes. I will rejoice if you fix them. You screwed up on this one but you will prove to them that you are not bad“, wrote Booba in the preamble. “I’m disgusted with this whole story but it’s going to be okay little brother. Some hit women and don’t suffer this media beating. May the force be with you. An episode certainly regrettable but not insurmountable”concluded the artist who will perform at the Stade de France on September 3.


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