Benjamin Castaldi ruined? This dizzying sum he asked Cyril Hanouna…

Benjamin Castaldi ruined? This dizzying sum he asked Cyril Hanouna…

Because of his divorces and his investments, Benjamin Castaldi is on the straw. Banned from all banks, he calls Baba for help!

Benjamin Castaldi on the verge of bankruptcy!

Once is not custom, the return to TPMP takes place on a Wednesday. And for good reason, Cyril Hanouna has been busy in 2022. Indeed, with its show Facing Babait confronted the candidates for the presidential election with their contradictions. Aware that he must support those who have difficulty making ends meet, he regularly lets them speak. However, when Benjamin Castaldi tells him about his troubleshe is hallucinating. How come Aurore’s husband can’t manage his budget? As evidenced by the video above, the former presenter of the mythical History of the loft accumulate errors. At the rate things are going, it sinks more than it resurfaces. Ouch, it stings! Dear reader ofobjecthang on, we are entering a zone of turbulence!

Baba in shock

This round table will not leave anyone indifferent. When Benjamin Castaldi has the floor, Cyril Hanouna does not hesitate to put him in front of his contradictions. Faced with the dumbfounded public, he gives him a powerful ” You have a lot of worries and you are in great shape? The stars in Gabriel’s dad’s eyes disappear. Already he is often bullied by his colleagues at TPMP on the amount of his alimony to his ex-wives, he does not wish to dwell on the rest of his debts.

However, visibly shocked by his friend’s denial of reality, Lino and Bianca’s father does not hear him that way. It is obvious, this booster shot risks knocking him out. ” You asked me to lend you 500,000 euros “ Very quickly, Benjamin Castaldi tries to make up for the broken pots. After all, his reputation is at stake! ” It is debt restructuring, because [j’en ai une très grosse]“.

Does Benjamin Castaldi live beyond his means?

Suddenly, Gilles Verdez takes the opportunity to drop a b*mbe. ” You owed five million, and you’ve served a lot of it. There are about three left “ Stunned, Benjamin Castaldi realizes that he will not be able to get out of this trap without leaving feathers there. Also, he decides to give the colossal amount of his slate. The less than the teamobject can say is that it will make the fanzouzes pale. ” Not much less. Around two million »

The moral of this story is…

How is he going to clear this dispute? Will 2023 be the year of rebirth? We sincerely hope so! Just before the holidays, he had agreed to work overtime and replace Baba on C8. What are his next projects? Even if he revealed a secret on the air, Benjamin Castaldi knows well that he will always be able on the troublemaker of the PAF! And an beautiful friendship like that, it’s priceless!

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