Behind the scenes of her brilliant influencer conversion, and her “secret garden”

Behind the scenes of her brilliant influencer conversion, and her “secret garden”



Veronika Loubry has succeeded in her conversion. If her daughter Thylane Blondeau provides like a queen in her modeling career, her mother has become a brilliant influencer. The former TV host, based near Aix, offers her beauty and fashion advice to her 171k subscribers. Many brands trust her and know that thanks to her, they will be able to speak to a valuable target – women aged 30 to 60 – such as Lulli on the Web in Aix or Arizona Love. It must be said that the mother of Thylane and Ayrton, the fruit of her love with former footballer Patrick Blondeau, has kept a young style that pleases.

At 54, she still knows how to unearth young brands with a promising future. Veronika Loubry has an eye. And if her advice is so followed, it is because she does not take her head and if she has gone through ups and downs, the TV host remains very popular. Native of Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins in Loire-Atlantique, she knows that life is not due to chance and has striven to pass it on to her children. If Thylane Blondeau is today a 21-year-old young woman who has succeeded in everything, she is not there for nothing.

Son”little secret garden” with Gerard Kadoche

In life, when she is not selling the merits of the creations she likes to wear, the influencer shares her daily life with her companion Gérard Kadoche, father of Léa and Allison Kaddoche, the sublime half-sisters of Thylane….

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