Arielle Boulin-Prat reacts to her ousting from Numbers and Letters

Arielle Boulin-Prat reacts to her ousting from Numbers and Letters

Arielle Boulin-Prat will no longer be present in the new formula of Numbers and letters. After being outraged by the conditions of her eviction, the show’s referee explained to the magazine Gala how she lived this difficult situation.

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This is a big change for viewers of France 3. Numbers and letters switches to weekly in this return to 2022. But the show will also experience a major upheaval, two of its pillars have announced their departure from the show. Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat will no longer be present on the air. Despite the statements of the channel, the two referees of the game made it clear that their departure had been “forced and compelled” and “of rare violence”. “What is modestly designated as a contractual disagreement arose because France Télévisions demanded a reduction in our salary of around 60% and refused to grant us the CDI that we had the audacity to claim”, were they outraged in The Parisian.

The chain and the two referees pass the ball to each other

The France Télévisions group in turn defended itself in a press release. “They were offered an increase in their fee to compensate for a significant part of the drop in the number of issues. Madame Boulin-Prat and Monsieur Renard refused it“, he noted. Before adding: “Ms. Boulin-Prat and Mr. Renard worked approximately 35 to 40 days per year, grouped into 6 to 8 sessions. They therefore did not collaborate under the conditions of a full-time permanent contract.. Faced with this impossible dialogue, the lawyer for the two facilitators had counterattacked. “We will ask for all possible sums, by going to look in the corners”assured Me Juliette Mascar. She further specified that “since the cancellation of filming Numbers and letters in July, Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bernard Renard [n’avaient] no more work or income”.

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Arielle Boulin-Prat’s biggest regret on numbers and letters

An untenable situation for Arielle Boulin-Pratwho spoke in the columns of the magazine Galato be published tomorrow Thursday September 1st. “We are despised and mistreated“, she laments first. I lost 5 kilos and I can’t sleep anymore”, she adds. She then expressed her deepest regret about the ousting. “We won’t even be able to say goodbye to the viewers“, she laments.

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