Anne Duperey, without filter on her fears of death!

Anne Duperey, without filter on her fears of death!

From the top of her 75 years, Anny Duperey is doing like a charm… Only here, the actress is aware that at her age, health problems can quickly appear… A subject on which she confided during a interview given to our colleagues from Gala this Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Indeed, the septuagenarian evoked her own death by letting it be known that she wanted to “leave before being a burden” for her loved ones. “I inherit from my family precisely this thing which has never been clearly said, but which is transmitted by natural impregnation: never depending on anyone to support me. And especially not a man, “said the actress.

“Today, I am 75 years old. So I’m in my 76th year, and there I’m going to stop getting ahead, because the 80s are looming… It scares me a little ”, confessed Anny Duperey to our colleagues.

A new fear developed in recent years, when the actress used to live in the present moment without worrying about the passage of time… Even if it means sometimes forgetting key dates from her past: “I stubbornly forgot the date of my parents’ death”she also confessed. And to add “Two years ago, I even asked my son what day he was born! ». Confidences about the passage of time and a new worry that are more reasons to enjoy every second that life offers us!

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