An exceptional nocturnal insecticide treatment took place in Brive and Malemort (Corrèze) to kill tiger mosquitoes

An exceptional nocturnal insecticide treatment took place in Brive and Malemort (Corrèze) to kill tiger mosquitoes

On the night of Wednesday August 31 to Thursday September 1, 2022, a district of Brive and another of Malemort, underwent an insecticide treatment to prevent the spread of a disease transmitted by the tiger mosquito. Dengue fever, chikungunya or zika, we will not know, but a carrier person visited these two places, according to the New Aquitaine Regional Health Agency.

Mandated by the ARS

In the jargon, this is called “vector control” requested by the Regional Health Agency when a case of dengue fever, zika or even chikungunya is detected. In Corrèze, it is carried out by Altopictus, a private mosquito control company based in Bayonne.

One operation in 2021 in Ussac and one in 2022

It was triggered overnight from Wednesday to Thursday in two areas in Brive and Malemort. “It is a nocturnal insecticide treatment in a restricted area around the place frequented by the person carrying it in order to eliminate mosquitoes which could be infected. Residents are notified 24 hours in advance,” explains Delphine Binet, manager of the Mérignac (Gironde) agency of Altopictus.

The insecticide is sprayed from a machine carried by a vehicle traveling down the street. It can also be portable and handled by a professional wearing a suit and mask.

In 2021, it was also deployed once in Corrèze, in the town of Ussac, following a case of dengue fever. In 2022, since the start of the tiger mosquito observation season on May 1, it has only been triggered once.

“Highly variable” frequency

The frequency of these insecticide treatments is “very variable” according to Delphine Binet, at Altopictus. “It depends on the number of travelers who will return and also on the epidemic situation in the areas they have visited. With the Covid, there have been fewer trips and therefore fewer cases of dengue fever, chikungunha or zika. »

In 2021, there were ten treatments of this type in Gironde, three in Pyrenées-Atlantiques, none in Haute-Vienne or even in Dordogne.

No tiger mosquitoes for a week

The inhabitants of the perimeters treated in Brive and Malemort will be quiet for about a week. “The insecticide does not kill the larvae, nor the eggs which will give a new generation of tiger mosquitoes in a few days”, she underlines.

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The ARS also insists on the exceptional nature of the system. “The insecticide not only kills mosquitoes and can create resistance. This is already the case in some overseas territories,” adds Delphine Binet.

Emilie Auffret

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