Alzamora replaced by a Red Bull executive

Alzamora replaced by a Red Bull executive

The brothers Marc and Álex Márquez have officially announced the end of their collaboration with Emilio Alzamora, emblematic manager who accompanied them for almost two decades. If the rumor swelled for a few weeks in front of the absence of the Spaniard on the Grands Prix, it was finally confirmed via a press release.

The day after this announcement, the Márquez brothers this time formalized the name of his replacement. It is Jaime Martínez Recasens who thus succeeds Alzamora. Marketing manager for motorsports at Red Bull for 12 years, he has worked to develop the Austrian brand in the world through events or the sponsorship of athletes.

“We are very happy to announce that Jaime joins our works team from the San Marino GP”said the Márquez brothers. “Thanks to his experience at Red Bull, he knows the mechanical world and sport in general perfectly well, and brings a new strategic vision which, we believe, will bring us a lot. Our objective on the track will remain that of obtaining the best possible results. We are sure that we will form a great team.”

Marc and Álex Márquez on the right track

Marc and Álex Márquez on the right track

Jaime Martínez Recasens will have a lot to do to impose his paw after the emblematic Alzamora. First of all, he will have to manage the contracts of the two brothers. After the historic four-year contract linking Marc Márquez to HRC until 2024, the future of the eight-time World Champion will represent a major challenge. That of his younger brother will also be important since he only has a one-year contract with Gresini at the moment.

The Spaniard also arrives at a special time since his two drivers are racing with Honda, for whom the situation has been very complicated since the start of the season. Added to this is the convalescence of Marc Márquez. Three months after his fourth arm operation, the #93 has just returned to the track with a road bike.

His return to Grand Prix is ​​still not known, and his participation in the Misano test, which will be held next week, has not been confirmed either. It is however widely desired by Honda, which considers to advance blindly without him.

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