From April 20, 2021 to August 20, 2022, the Cameroonian Association for Social Marketing (ACMS) carried out the STAR project (Self-Testing Africa Initiative) which consists of eliminating barriers related to the development of the voluntary self-testing market. through the establishment of the structures, systems and monitoring mechanisms necessary for the sustainability of actions over the long term. The city of Soa served as an evaluation framework for this project on August 31.

Three regions of Cameroon (Centre, Littoral and Sud) served as a framework for operationalizing this project, the targets of which are young people at high risk, workers in large companies, partners of PLHIV, and pregnant women who have tested positive for HIV/AIDS. . This is why, in her opening speech at this workshop in Soa, Madame Diarra Kamararepresenting ACMS, said: We are willing like any association to support the government for any initiative that can promote HIV self-testing in Cameroon “.

Support welcomed with gratitude by the government, through the National Committee for the Fight against AIDS (CNLS), including the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Hadja Cherif affirmed that: “The results of the STAR project are the result of a strong will of the Government to align itself with the new WHO policy which is increasingly marked by the promotion of differentiated services in the context of HIV. “. Eloquent figures were therefore put forward during this workshop:

  • 40,870 kits distributed from August 2021 to April 2022
  • 99.4% of kits used
  • 2.4% responsiveness
  • 64.8% confirmed HIV
  • 84% return on 40.870 kits

Rather encouraging figures for the participants present at this workshop, in particular several health district staff, CAMNAFAW, the health districts, and the Regional Technical Group (GTR) for the fight against HIV in the Littoral. In perspective, the ACMS aims to launch another STAR project in the near future, which this time will focus on the Hepatitis B Self Test.

Marie-Pascale Ayissi Beti


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