A third red for Jonas Omlin

A third red for Jonas Omlin

Black hat and t-shirt for a striking contrast with the Italian suit worn by his sports director at his side: Mario Balotelli did not miss his entry into the particular world of FC Sion.

“I came to Sion to win something. It’s been too long since I won anything”: the first words of the Italian testify to his state of mind. Super Mario is not at 32 a player in pre-retirement. “I have set myself personal and collective goals,” he continues.

And he does not intend to waste time. The defector from Adana thus trained for the first time with the team on Thursday morning. He says he is ready to play Saturday against Basel at Tourbillion. “Not from the kick-off, but surely for an entry into play”, he slips.

“As a matter of course”

The first contacts between the player and the Constantin family date back to June 29. “I liked their approach. Very quickly, signing for Sion seemed obvious to me,” explains Mario Balotelli. The sweetness of life that he will find in Valais also played a role. Geography too. “I have a son in Brescia and a daughter who lives in Zurich. With this contract in Sion, I am closer to my family. Moreover, Switzerland is a country where people are allowed to live better than elsewhere. That counted too.”

Before committing, Super Mario took information from Gennaro Gattuso who had had a turbulent experience in Sion during the 2012/2013 season. “Gennaro told me that the good of the club, he lets go. That I had to seize the opportunity if the possibility of signing in Sion could afford. He only warned me that the winter in Valais will be rough for someone like me who doesn’t like the cold too much…”

“It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll try”

If the name of FC Sion is not unknown to him, Mario Balotelli admits to ignoring practically everything about the Super League. The presence of an Italian coach – Paolo Tramezzani – and his former Nice team-mate Wylan Cyprien will undoubtedly facilitate both his integration into the team and the discovery of this new championship.

Although they have not been publicly revealed, Christian and Barthélémy Constantin’s objectives are high for this season after very dark years: a place in the top three of the Super League and, of course, a career in Swiss Cup which must mark the spirits. Mario Balotelli is fully aware of this. “It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll try,” he smiled.

Shine in Sion could, why not, allow him to find the “Nationale”. “I have never drawn a line on the national team. But for the moment, the question does not arise. My only priority is FC Sion”, he explains, not without showing a certain annoyance.


This spring, he has long cherished the hope of being recalled by Roberto Mancini for the World Cup play-offs. “Not being on the final list for this jump-off was a shock,” he concedes.

Finally, Mario Balotelli denied being the “bad boy” of world football. “I don’t care about my reputation, says the one who does not consider himself a star but a simple football player. A bad reputation is too often built on trivial details. Education and respect are the values ​​that my parents instilled in me. Only their opinions and those of those close to me count in my eyes. People who talk about me and sue me without knowing me don’t interest me.”

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